The Latin American Retail and Consumption Conference (CLAV) integrates the academic approach to the professional relevance, articulating the process of research and dissemination of knowledge in retailing. Participants have access to the most renowned scholars and practitioners, which builds bridges between retail market and academic excellence. We encourage students and scholars to submit their best efforts on academic, executive and working papers, as well as submissions of doctoral dissertations, undergraduate papers and teaching cases.
Theme: "Digital Transformation in Retailing"

The technological evolution of recent years has allowed several retail business opportunities to emerge that go beyond simply focusing on a single technology or strategy. Digital transformation in the retail industry is about the trend of creating innovative business models that redefine the traditional limits of retail by removing barriers between the physical and virtual world.
The changes of the consumer journey and the omnichannel approach highlight the need for a closer look at these transformations. Currently, consumers might browse, search, and shop anytime, anywhere, sharing insights and experiences about services and products on social medias, shaping the perception of other consumers about brands. These new behaviors require a radical change in the way the retailer uses digital technology to innovate and deliver value. This transformation, which includes artificial intelligence, mobile, virtual reality, etc., has the challenge of integrating systems that include providers, channels, customers, employees and other retailers. All of this must be analyzed in a comprehensive way about the retail business, with a critical view of what customers and society really expect and desire.
In 2019, the 12th CLAV discusses the new opportunities and business models that emerge with retail digital transformation and the role of retailers in managing these changes.
CLAV welcomes researchers, professors, undergraduate and graduate students, interested or involved in research on the topic of retail, as well as retail practitioners or people interested in retail in Latin America and other regions of the world.
The best papers will be considered for publication in the following journals:
Marketing Intelligence & Planning
RAE (Revista de Administração de Empresas) Retail Forum Edition
Brazilian Journal of Marketing (REMark)
Latin American Business Review

Data: 24th and 25th of October, 2019
Co-Chairs: Delane Botelho and Leandro Angotti Guissoni
Host: FGV EAESP | São Paulo School of Business Administration
Local: Av. 9 de Julho, 2029 (access also via Rua Itapeva, 432) - Bela Vista - São Paulo – SP

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